The need for the right candidates with key skills has always been critical for companies. The increasing competition in markets pushes
that need further day by day.

Some certain rules and procedures have been established for meeting that need. However, many companies are facing the problem of
high employee turnover rates despite that. As Gen Z enters the workplaces more, maintaining employee retention gets harder.

While this problem seems to be mainly related with the Gen Z, the underlying problem may be related with the human nature.
Since preferences of people is an output of their psychological mechanism, psychologic aspects should not be overlooked.
Looking from that perspective, the real problem may have the roots in conflicting values.

How Can Conflicting Values Cause Employee Turnover?

Leaving a company is a result of decision process of a person. Since key values play a critical role in decision process, any
conflict between an employee’s key values and the company’s core values will result in losing that employee for the company.

The core values of a company are revealed in the behavior of managers. Therefore there are two aspects related with the confliction.
First, any conflicting values revealed in manager-employee relationship adds to the turnover problem. Second, a company’s HR policies and
procedures may produce unhappy employees, adding much to the problem.

Probable problems among managers and employees may seem to be obvious since we all experience such problems in our daily lives.
Despite that, when it comes to company’s HR side, things may be more complex to comprehend.

Conflict Between Employee & Company Values

Core values of a company affect HR policies and applications. These policies produce happy employees, if those policies are aligning with the employees’
key values. So, the main rule for coming up with such policies or applications is to choose the right ones for the employees, which are aligning
with the employees’ key values.

As an example, when the number of disgruntled employees increase, companies may think of salary increase as a problem solver.
However, this may not always what the employees really need. They may value their families so much that, what they really need
is spending much more time with their families. In such cases, salary increases can not solve the problem. Applications like
providing more flexibility in work hours can easily solve the problem in some cases.

In that example, the employees’ have “family” as their first key value, and that value is much far ahead of money for them.
Since the problem is about their families, solutions targeting other aspects does not work well in such cases.

How To Decide The Correct HR Policies And Applications For Employees

Like any other existence, a community has values which are avarage of each member of such a community. Given that, companies simply
can find out what are the key values of their employees as a community.

There are several scientific surveys and methods for measuring key values of people. Utilizing such tools, companies can find out
average key values of their employees, and utilize aligning HR policies and applications to produce really happy employees.

In short, a conflict in values of a company and its employees is a key factor in increasing voluntary employee turnover. Companies
should find out their employees’ core values and align their HR policies and applications with those values.

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