We organize online webinars, Job fairs, local events, workshops periodically develop and coordinate mentoring programs to find qualified candidates. We run  a mutual marketing campaign via partnership agreements in order to reach more qualified and wide talent pools in related networks. 

Recruiting Webinars 

Looking to improve your job descriptions, want to become a data driven recruiter or want to improve your employer branding

  • Webinar calendar and handouts
  • Upcoming webinar’s
Local Events
  • Lunch and Learn Events
  • Expert Presentations 
  • Panel Discussions
  • Meet and Greet  
  • Competitions 

The workshops are great opportunity for you to be prepared for the interviews and your professional life. 

  • Interview Preparations
  • Professional Dress Tips
  • Resume /CV
  • Interview
  • Common Interview Questions

MeetUp events are an excellent opportunity to meet motivated industry professionals who want to network and advance in their field. For example, we schedule meetings with companies that want to hire a software engineer or companies that focus on software development. As KORROGO, we will attend and organize such meetups and other working tools accordingly through collaboration with our network.

Virtual Career Fairs

A virtual career fair, or virtual recruitment event, is a virtual event that allows employers to connect with job seekers in a virtual environment, rather than a physical one. Attending a career fair can be daunting for any job seeker, however, virtual career fairs are transforming the way in which job seekers and potential employers interact. Using interactive features such as webinar presentations, webcasts, live chat, chat rooms and more, virtual career fairs are breaking down geographical barriers and extending their reach. Virtual job fairs offer job seekers the freedom and flexibility to interact directly with potential employers, so they can make more informed career decisions – all that’s needed to attend is a computer or mobile device with a good internet connection.


Job Search During Coronavirus

Changing jobs during COVID-19 can be a scary and daunting task, especially when businesses are still adjusting, and the unpredictability of this crisis brings a new level of complexity to the table.

As it’s our expertise to navigate the new patterns of work, we will help you make adjustments giving you tools and tactics to keep you focused and continue your job search through these challenging and disruptive times as the crisis evolves.  

As KORROGO we are with you… You never walk alone with us.

COVID-19 & Recruitment – here is what you need to know!

Coronavirus pandemic has definitely changed the recruitment industry, the job market and the way we recruit. More importantly, many of these changes are here to stay.  

In the future we will witness

  • A further rise of remote work

  • Remote recruiting will become a new normal

  • The job market will become truly globalized

Are you ready for the future of work and the future of hiring? I hope you are. Because that future is NOW.

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