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     KORROGO is an IT staffing and recruiting agency registered in Virginia and located in McLean, VA. Tysons Corner which is a very critical hub for many technology-related companies.

     The aim of KORROGO is to ensure the high adaptation and integration of IT personnel (especially in Data Science, AWS / DevOps, Full Stack) to the IT market in order to provide the highest benefit to the individuals, relevant institutions and companies.

     Thanks to the flexibility of IT industry working methods, the scope of the company is global and not limited to borders however, Korrogo targets mainly on the USA and Europe side of the IT sector.

     The model of the company focuses on providing experience on interview skills, life coaching, mentoring before and after replacement, talent pool management and start-up support. In order to effectively maximize our performance to our clients, We,

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. Develop customized solutions that align with customer needs,
· Create a wide talent pool with reskilling and upskilling features,
· Clone the culture of client companies with focused staffing,
· Provide Project-Based Agreement recruitment service in addition to the main recruitment methods,
· Evaluate applicants with data-driven scorecards and assessment tools,
· Use Applicant Tracking System and AI-based Automation Solutions,
· Create a more efficient working environment with C2RM tool,
· Make a distinctive network ecosystem to create a constantly evolving relationship with clients.

      KORROGO establishes a practical bridge connecting the world of research and theory with emerging industry trends. In the ever-changing world of recruitment, the company continually updates its AI-adapted recruitment model on the latest advances in technology and employs the most recent automation tools for easing the recruitment process of individuals and organizations.


– KORROGO is registered in Virginia. The scope of the company is accordingly USA and  global.

– With a futuristic perspective, the company is established as staffing, recruitment, interviewing, onboarding, job replacement, acting pipeline model to the market.

KORROGO’s approach has been based on the key values such as Ethical Approach, Diversity, and Professionalism. In the context of that approach; KORROGO aims to be in a leading position (primarily in its region), and to meet the needs of employers and clients in the most mutually beneficial way.

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To be a key player and leading recruitment and consultant agency in Virginia and U.S.A. and to become the employers’ Recruitment Agency of choice based on the extent and quality of our services with an innovative and unique perspective.


– Develop a diverse talent pool with various suitable alternatives for individuals, corporate organizations and recruitment agencies and establish a highly qualified Korrogo community.

Create and provide a national (local) and globally trusted professional network for individuals and corporate organizations which pair members with employers who are serious about building a diverse workforce to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse customer base.

 – Enhance the business success of the corporate organizations by cloning their culture in the recruitment process based on mutual trust between Korrogo and the client organization.

– Provide relevant reskill and upskill training for individuals and organizations to increase individuals’ personal branding and help businesses grow by matching the right talent to their specialized staffing and consulting needs.

– Determine the needs correctly and offer the most suitable options to our customers in the fastest way to make our clients source and hire the most qualified professionals, and to help those professionals find the best job opportunities in their respective fields and further their careers.

– Focus on the importance of long-term relationships in every decision we make and action we take.

– Adhere to a philosophy of “Ethics First” in everything we do.


Innovative work
 Futuristic perspective
Mutual trust
Ethical Approach

Korrogo's Leadership Team

Eric Altintas is a former Assistant Navy attaché with extensive IT and project management background who brings nearly 18 years of experience both in public and private sectors as the program manager.
Oscar Yildiz is an electronics and software engineer with successful graduate research experience in problem solving and algorithm design. In addition to his technology education and research, he had
Bill Adamson had very successful education credentials in economics, finance, and business administration. Bill has a proven performance in start-up, emerging-growth and fast-paced organizations
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