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This story aims to help policy makers and private sector actors to effectively catalyze and leverage HR solutions with Coding Bootcamp resources for more and better employment and continuous monitoring of new updates in IT fields and emerging markets. It outlines the resources needed, in terms of human capacity, to plan, monitor, and evaluate coding bootcamp graduates as human resources in an emerging market, as well as ensure its sustainability and hiring within a local technology innovation ecosystem. It also serves to inform a broader set of stakeholders, including private and nonprofit organizations, international donors, and entrepreneurs.

It’s difficult for many traditional computer science programs to keep up with all of the rapidly-innovating technology and skills needed for many tech jobs. The advantage of hiring a Boot Camp graduate is actually hiring a person who has the most updated and necessary skills and knowing how to apply these to your workspace. This is more preferrable than only having a person with practical theory .Coding Boot Camps equips students with relevant coding skills quickly. An estimated 33,959 people attended and graduated from a bootcamp in 2019 which means a great talent pool for HR managers.

Bootcamps have become one of the most sought after methods to obtain the additional skills required to cover the extra mile in peoples career. Bootcamps enhance the scope of learning methods with new eras. This highly motivates the attendees and the graduates adopts themselves in a quick learning environment, reaching the needed knowledge quickly and practically. So, even if you hire a bootcamp graduate who has some missing skills you need, you needn’t to worry about that as they will cover the missing skills faster than you need.

Mixing of junior, mid, and senior developers on teams helps you to transfer the passion of new graduates from the code academies to your oldies.

A new green developer can eat up more time than they actually contribute to the project because of needing supervision and management but it is worth to that effort you spent because it is a very good investment. They bring you new tools and technologies. You get a more dedicated and energetic employee who may discover the needs of your company and bring fresh ideas which may lead it to new areas of innovation. They have been very eager to learn and grow to the next level.

Some surveys found that 80 percent of these hiring professionals have offered jobs to boot camp students within their company, and 99.8 percent would do it again. And an impressive 72% of respondents consider bootcamp grads to be just as prepared and just as likely to perform at a high level than computer science grads. Some go further: 12% think they are more prepared and more likely to do better. By contrast, only 17% have doubts.

While technical skills are critical, organizations today are also looking for professionals that possess equally strong soft skills. Some research has shown that the top characteristics of success at companies like Google are soft skills such as communicating and listening well, critical thinking, and being able to collaborate across diverse teams.

Soft skill development is a fundamental part of a boot camp, with many involving team-based projects that simulate real-world work. Online boot camp students can expect to learn soft skills such as collaboration, communication, adaptability, critical thinking, and more. According to a LinkedIn report, 92% of candidates believe candidates with soft skills are “increasingly important.” This report also finds a strong correlation between candidates with poor soft skills and those who turn out to be “bad hires” from the perspective of hiring managers.

Companies and HR Managers may enjoy the recruiting firms pre-experiment of these skills with AI models that provide deeper insights into the quality of their hires by analyzing various defined metrics and overall performance within the team over a set period of time. These models will take into account not only hard skills and expertise but also new hires’ soft skills and overall performance KPIs. recruiting firms may also perform pre-employment assessments — such as work samples, cognitive ability tests, and job knowledge tests — are good predictors of job performance. These candidate soft skill/hard skill tools can be administered quickly and easily through well-designed software.

Companies and HR Managers may prefer recruiting firms which not only focuses on the technical skill sets of the candidates but also takes a candidate-organization fit (cultural fit) approach and makes a holistic evaluation of the candidates in order to offer the best candidates for organizations to hire. Cloning the culture of the Client Company with focused staffing becomes a solution for the integration problems of the new employees to the organizations. And it is easier for them to reshape the talents gathered from IT bootcamps.

Korrogo establishes the cultural cloning process through its strategic alliance with Clarusway and maintains that culture with its activities. This cultural process may include the procedures, tools, habits and other company special ecosystems cloned during the training and preparation of the trainees and candidates for their future careers in the client company.

Korrogo also serves Global Services and has the ability of Reskill / Upskill Features. According to a 2019 World Economic Forum report, 54% of the workforce will need to be reskilled by 2022.

Companies and HR Managers may also prefer recruiting firms which serves Real-life projects internship and Post-Hiring Support. This may also help them trough hiring process of bootcamp graduates.

Bootcamp students not only use the technology of digital connection to learn the skills needed for a particular position. They can also use a range of online means to find jobs and do work. This leads bootcamp graduates to have continued to find jobs in well-known technology companies. Even throughout the pandemic, top technology companies have been hiring and seeing the value of bootcamp credentials.

Many employers are considering whether to continue allowing employees to work from home even after the pandemic is over. More than 80% of “company leaders” plan to let their employees work from home at least part-time after the pandemic. More employers may offer workers a choice between coming into the office and working remotely.

Top employers have hired more bootcamp graduates and students. Amazon more than doubled its hires from bootcamps, for example. Startups also have hired bootcamp grads. However, some do state that not every role in the company on the aforementioned list is suitable for bootcamp graduates.

Consequently, you may enjoy the benefits of hiring bootcamp freshers but you need to select the right recruiting firm which serves you a broader pool of graduates and have the ability to choose the right candidates for your firm.

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