Detailed Job Description

We are seeking qualified applicants possessing current knowledge and teaching experience in all aspects of Computer Science / IT.
For this purpose, Clarusway IT School is looking for IT Instructors who can teach any of the lectures given in the below “Lectures List” in English. The instructor is responsible for facilitating live class sessions, preparing class materials, and providing feedback, grading and guidance to students.
An ideal candidate for this role should be someone with a strong technical background and a passion for education and technology. It is essential that a candidate is not only experienced in a professional capacity with basic information technologies, but also able to communicate this knowledge and field experience through leadership and empathy.
Participating in-class sessions online via zoom.
Moderating the classroom and delivering the lectures, facilitate lab work, homework assignments, and student projects.
Providing written and verbal feedback on student projects, assignments.
Responding to student inquiries and requests for assistance as needed through chat/zoom during and after the live sessions.
Representing Clarusway IT School by being a good role model.

Minimum Requirements

5+ years of professional IT experience or having a master degree in the relevant lecture subject.
2+ years of instructor and/or mentorship experience preferred.
High communication skills for interaction with the students
Experience with instructional design best practices as well as experience teaching technical courses.
Inquisitive and open to change
Able to comply with the time discipline.
Ability to work together and be a good team player.
Constantly updating himself or herself and teaching others to learn.

Lectures List

Algorithms and Data Structures
Basics of Digital Electronics
Basics of Electronics and Electrical Engineering
Building Database Applications
Computer Architecture
Database Concepts
Discrete Mathematics
Introduction to Programming
Introduction to Software Engineering
Linear Algebra with Analytical Geometry
Mathematical Analysis
Object-Oriented Programming
Operating Systems
Practical Aspects of Electronics and Electrical Engineering
Programming Languages and Paradigms
Analysis and modeling of business processes (Information systems engineering)
Architecture of Com puters
Barrier – free products and services
Identification and analysis of threats of communication and electronic transactions (IT security engineering)
Introduction to microprocessor systems (Design and applications of wireless networks for the Internet of Things)
Methods for assessing the effectiveness of investments information (Development engineering and software maintenance)
Mining methods and data analysis (Information system engineering)
Processing and transmission of multimedia data- IT Elective I
Python for Artificial Intelligence (Applied Data Science)
Robotics – IT Elective V
Security of wireless and mobile systems – It Elective III
Statistics & Mathematics for Artificial Intelligence (Applied Data Science)
Techniques and Tools for web applications and mobile applications (Web technologies engineering)
Technologies of group work (Information systems engineering)

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